Our Community

Muskingum County  offers many interesting historical, cultural and geographical features. Muskingum County is located east of Columbus, Ohio, which is our state capital.

Zanesville, Ohio came into existence when Colonel Ebenezer Zane contracted with congress to build a road from Wheeling, West Virginia to Maysville, Kentucky.  In return for this road that ran across Ohio known as Zane’s Trace, Zane was to receive three 640 acre tracts of land and make settlement here. In addition, he was to establish ferries where his Trace crossed important rivers.

Zanesville was established on March 1, 1804, by Zane’s son-in-law, John McIntire. He  stayed in Zanesville and developed what would become Ohio’s second capital from 1810- 1812.

Muskingum County was a hub of river traffic and is famous for the “Y” Bridge which was built at the confluence of the Muskingum and Licking Rivers. The county got its name from the Native American term ,  Moos-kin-gung meaning “a town on the side of the river.” Some claim the natives called it the “Elk Eye River.”